exact opposite
of the healing process. It's even been shown that people in less pain - heal quicker!

Most doctors have never taken a course on pain management - ever! It's not taught in medical schools. And it's not cost effective for them to take a pain management course on their own. After all, they're not the ones in pain! Until doctors take responsibility for managing your pain - you're on your own.

You could manage any pain you have

With all the pain control technology available to you - there's no reason for you to needlessly suffer ever again! Most patients have been conditioned to live with pain. But you don't have to. Pain could be easily managed. Often from home, and in as little as 20-minutes. In my report, you'll find...

Simple and effective solutions you could use to relieve pain - fast

While some injuries absolutely need the help of a doctor, there are many instances you may be able to manage on your own. My report will explain a quick 20-minute solution for... 

It's simple, you can do it yourself, and everything you need to treat yourself you could find in your kitchen.

In addition to the 20-minute pain solution, you'll learn about my...

  Yes! I want to be heal my pain naturally

Don't step into a pharmacy without reading this first

Back in the 60s - Darvon was "more effective" than aspirin and it was non-addictive and safe. None of this turned out to be true and Darvon has gone the way of bat manure in the treatment of pain. But today, there are over-the-counter drugs anyone can purchase that may cause serious kidney disease and there's even evidence that they may affect foetal health development! For goodness sake - stay away from these potential killers!

Surgery life saver!

If you ever have to go "under the knife" make sure you discuss this remarkable anaesthetic discovery with your surgeon. This epidural anaesthetic has shown to...

When you're on the operating table, you want to take ALL precautions! Talk to your surgeon about this procedure before he operates on you! And you could also learn the best way to ensure that you'll get proper pain relief after a surgery.

Safe, quick, and effective pain relief - but you won't learn about these remedies from your current doctor!

Many of the remedies I'll show you are available in just about every country in the world - except the United States! But don't give up hope yet.  Doctors are finally coming around and understanding the importance of these remedies.

Particularly as they see how effective they are in patients who have found doctors that are smart enough to use them.

How much easier would life be for you if you knew about these breakthrough procedures...

The most promising treatments for pain relief

I urge you to read my report and see what you can do about any pain you have. You can't just walk into your doctor's office and assume he'll take care of you. You are the best judge of your pain intensity. It's up to you to demand that your doctor manage your pain as part of the healing. And the less pain you have - the quicker you'll heal!

Not only does The Pain Report provide practical remedies you could use on yourself and surgical procedures you need to know about to stay pain free - it provides equal coverage of mainstream and alternative medicines. For only R129.95, you'll learn about the power of magnets (legitimate healing aid or quackery?) the potential of colour therapy as a pain reliever and much more. If it can curb your pain - you'll learn about it in this report!

Today, doctors have a huge array of potentially effective pain remedies and medicines. However, they're so focused on curing a disease, they can often forget the after-effects. Many times these doctors mean well, but still hide pain management techniques from patients because they're scared what other doctors will think of them. It's up to you to know your rights, and talk with your doctor, and demand that he/she use the BEST pain management tools available, regardless of what "others" think. I do and my patients thank me for it.

Yours in health and pain-free living,

Dr. William Campbell Douglass, II

  Yes! I want to be heal my pain naturally

P.S:  Have you ever described a pain you had to a doctor and after a two minute examination the doctor couldn't find anything 'wrong' with you. He looks at you like you're a wimp or a hypochondriac. It happens all the time. With my report, you'll learn what's needed to stop the pain yourself with simple remedies, or you'll be able to tell the doctor what will heal your pain. Even a well-meaning doctor often needs to be gently pushed into the right direction. And with the information in my Pain Report - you'll be the one doing the pushing!

P.P.S:  This report wasn't written for anyone other than you. I already know of these pain remedies and often use them. I want you to know about them. And who better to learn about pain than from THE BIGGEST PAIN IN THE SIDE OF THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT - ME!!! If you don't agree that the remedies in The Pain Report will extinguish your pain - just send the report back for a full refund.

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